Covid-19 Special Measures for Officials

We are all in this together.  To keep the shows running, we must cooperate to ensure that the rules are maintained.  We thank you in advance for your help.
These rules are applicable for all Wales & West and Cricklands Shows
  • Reduce the need to visit the Show Office, other than to use toilet facilities if required.  Ideally, use toilet facilities in your own accommodation.


  • At the start of the day, please go directly to the Judges Box and telephone the office for any queries.

  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times.

  • Judges app to be used to record results.

  • Wifi will be available in all Judges Boxes.

  • Your food is to be ordered through a new app.  Precise information on how to use this new facility to be included on here and on posters in the Judges Boxes.  There should be no reason to visit the Pavilion.

  • If we are permitted to have more than one judge in a box at a time, we aim to keep you in groups (cohorts) for the duration of the show to minimise the number of people that you come into contact with.  Even with a 2m gap between judges, we could have two Judges in a Box at any one time.  We also have a supply of screens to double up on any safety measures.

  • Food for all judges and course designers will be delivered to the Judges Box.  Please contact the Course Designer when the food has arrived.

  • Please ensure that only one person uses each piece of equipment each day where possible.  If that is not possible, the equipment must be sanitised between users.

  • Please sanitise your hands on arrival in the Judges Box, and before you leave.


Course Designers
  • You are currently not permitted to work in the Judges Box as there are strict limits on the number of people in these areas.  Please make provisions so that course plans etc can be done at the show, perhaps in your own car or caravan.

  • Please ensure that your arena party maintain social distancing at all times when at work.

  • Please ensure that they sanitise their hands regularly.

  • Your food is to be ordered through a new app.  Precise information on how to use this new facility to be included on here.  There should be no reason to visit the Pavilion.

  • Your food will be delivered to the Judges Box.  The judge will contact you when it has been delivered.


Ring Stewards
  • All Classes will be drawn order.

  • The Showman system must be used at all times.  This is to ensure that the live link is kept up-to-date and the automatic announcements to the warm up arena are accurate.

  • When collecting sheets from the office, please use the window on the Magic Arena side of the office.  This is to reduce your exposure to other customers and to ensure that you do not have to queue.

  • All riders leaving the arena will need to be “ticked off” the list on the computer.  This is to ensure the system remains up-to-date.  There will be an induction on the new system before the first show.

  • Visits to the Judges Box must be kept to a minimum.  Communication should be made using the walkie talkies or telephones where available.

Warm Up Ring Marshals
  • Current Rules are that no more than 6 people are permitted in the arena.  This is a combined number limit of riders plus any grooms etc.  

  • You will be given a whistle to use, which you must keep as this will be yours and will only be used by you.  Do not lose it.

  • Do not blow your whistle if a horse is just about to jump a fence.

  • Social distancing must be maintained at all times.  If anyone is seen to be stood closer than 2m, please blow your whistle to remind them to maintain social distancing.

  • If anyone does not respect the whistle warning, please notify the Covid-19 WhatsApp group.

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