If your lorry has permanently installed living accommodation, you only have to pay the cheapest option when crossing the Severn Bridge.  This is called Category 1 and is for Cars and Motor Caravans.  The loophole was opened because we successfully proved that lorries with living should be categorised as Motor Caravans.


The toll attendant may ask to inspect your lorry and they are entitled to do so.  To be classified as a Motor Caravan, your lorry must have a permanently installed Bed, Sink and Cooker.

Taken from the 2008 National Press Release




In a year that has seen increasing fuel charges, WATO legislation, and tightening restrictions on weight limits, finally, there is some good news for owners of horseboxes with living accommodation.  Traditionally, horseboxes over 3.5 tonnes have been charged as Category 3 vehicles on the Severn Bridge when coming into Wales.  Currently, this charge is £15.90 [2008 Price].


James Broome, of the David Broome Event Centre, has looked into this and found a loophole in the Severn Bridges Act that determines the way that tolls are charged on the Severn Bridge.


“The Act states that, ‘A Motor caravan, or mobile home, is classed as a Category 1 vehicle.  A vehicle over 3.5 tonnes is classed into Category 3.  When a vehicle falls into 2 categories, the lower of the two shall be used.’  Initially, when Severn Rivers Crossing PLC were contacted, they were rather less than forthcoming on their charging policies.  However, having now pursued the organisation for several months, they have conceded and will, from 17th March 2008, allow horseboxes with permanent living accommodation to cross the bridge as a Category 1 vehicle.  This means that horsebox owners, whatever size their lorry, will only have to pay £5.30 [2008 Price].”


Because of the way that the Severn Bridge is governed by the Severn Bridges Act, this situation is unique, and will therefore not be followed at other tolling centres, such as the M6 toll and the Dartford tunnel.


“It does feel as though it’s been a David and Goliath victory,” James added, “but the outcome is just fantastic for horse owners based in Wales and those visiting the area for competitions and other activities.”